Increasing Indoor Humidity With Indoor Waterfeatures

Summer is arriving!!As we’re going to start wanting to spend more time indoors, why not decorate your indoor living area with some welcoming indoor water features? 
An stunning indoor water feature is one of the best decor that creates a relaxing Bali atmosphere.
Benefit of having a indoor water feature

Other than creating a relaxing atmosphere, the other benefit of having a indoor water feature at home is increasing humidity.Australia is a country that has relatively low humidity." Most people find that a relative humidity between 30 to 60 percent is the most comfortable, with indoor humidity ideally between 30 to 50 percent." according to National Asthma Council Australia.

However according to the other study that announced by sensitive choice" Australia’s humidity:Much of Australia’s population live in areas where outdoor humidity is moderate to high, but indoor climate control may make indoor environments dry. For most Australians, who live in urban areas not far from the coast, there may be relatively few days in a year where indoor air is below 30% relative humidity. High levels of indoor humidity are likely to be more prevalent for many Australians, with dust mite allergens being a key trigger for asthma and allergies. "

Australians average indoor air air is below 30% relative humidity! which is extremely low compare with the comfortable level. Having moving water will increase the humidity levels in the surrounding area. This is really important in room that with central heating or air conditioning. People will feel more comfortable after placing a table top water feature near by.  

Here at Emventure Living we carry a nice range of Indoor Water Features that will be perfect for all rooms of the home. We have a great variety that will suit all your needs. All of indoor/tabletop water feature all self-contained, that way you do not need to worry about finding a water supply or plumping for it.

We wish to provide a little bit of inspiration if you may be thinking of increase humidity of your room with an indoor water feature.

Here are some popular indoor size water feature

TWIN DRAGONFLY WATER FEATURE | Emventure Living Australia

TEA POTS WATER FEATURE | Emventure Living Australia

TWIN PETALS WATER FEATURE | Emventure Living Australia

SKULL WATER FEATURE | Emventure Living Australia

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