An Introduction To Water Features!

water features create a stunning feature in your backyard, patio or any other space, for example, offices or entrances. Water features can be used both indoors & outdoors where there is access to electricity (some are solar powered allowing them to stand alone.  Emventure Living has a source in a wide range of styles of water features, from modern to traditional country style.

Types of features:

Stainless Steel Water Features -

This style to create a clean and modern look. Normally this tyle of the feature is best for weather resistant. The mirror properties of stainless steel mean that the effect goes beyond the feature itself, as it will reflect lights and mirror the surrounding area.

Polyresin Water Features -

polyresin is the most common material that water features are made from. The material creates a realistic rock or stone effect and can be moulded into any theme or shape. The cost this type of material is normally lower than other material. 

Glass Fiber concrete Features -

Some of the large outdoor urn shape features are made from glass fibre and it last long compares with other material. Most of the feature can come with LED lights inset into these type of feature.

Ceramic Water Features -

Ceramic features are usually for tabletop water feature which not only has a great effect with water but also from the light itself. Many have colour changing or white LEDs light ring that provides an interesting and soothing effect.

Email our friendly sales team today if you would like to find out more detail about the different type of water features. 

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